Subject Matter Experts

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H20 Research Grant
Identified Subject Matter Experts

  1. Denver Water – Mark Wagge, Director of Long-Term Strategic Planning
  2. Hirsch Gibney, Inc. – Richard Hirsch, President & Principal Hydrologist
  3. Emercy, Ltd. – Eytan Levy, CEO (Bacteria Wastewater treatment SME)
  4. South Metro Water Supply Authority – Rod Kuhn Kuharich (Director)
  5. Parker Water & Sanitation District – Frank Jaeger Director
  6. Governor Hickenlooper’s Office – John Stulp Senior Water Advisor
  7. Head of Energy Dept. Task Force (Natural gas drilling) – John Deutch (MIT Professor)
  8. Million Conservation Resources Group (MCRG) – Aaron Million Founder
  9. Army Corp of Engineers, Rena Brand
  10. Western Resource Advocates (Boulder Environmental Gorup) – Stacey Tellinghuisen
  11. The Denver Post, Environmental Bruce Finely Reporter
  12. National Center for Atmospheric Research (Boulder) – Andrew Heymsfield
  13. Douglas County Water Resources Authority, Mark Shively Executive Director
  14. Denver Water, Dave Little Chief Negotiator
  15. United States Interior Department – Ken Salazar Secretary
  16. United States Geological Survey – Gregory Pederson Bozeman, Montana
  17. Aurora Water – Greg Baker Spokesman
  18. Colorado River District – Eric Kuhn Manager
  19. National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) – Marty Hoerling
  20. Denver Water – Jim Lochhead Manager
  21. Elbert & Hwy. 86 Commercial Metro District – Karl Nyquist District Director
  22. Colorado River District – Eric Kuhn General Manager
  23. Trout Unlimited Colorado Water Project - Drew Peternell Director
  24. The Denver Post, Environmental Karen E. Crummy Reporter
  25. Arapahoe County Water & Wastewater Authority – Gary Atkin, GM
  26. Colorado Water Resources Department – Dick Wolfe State Engineer and Director
  27. Parker Water & Sanitation District – Frank Jaeger, Director
  28. United Water & Sanitation District – Robert Lembke, Director
  29. MWH (worldwide engineering company) – Jerry Pena, VP Denver office
  30. Palm Beach Soil & Water Conservation District – Drew Martin Board Member
  31. National Drought Mitigation Center – Identify an SME?
  32. Colorado Department of Agriculture – Jim Miller (?) San Luis Valley
  33. US Department of Agriculture – Identify SME
  34. Western Rivers Institute – Kendrick Neubecker
  35. Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) Veva Dehaza Chief of Conservation and Drought Planning
  36. Denver Water – Greg Fisher Manager of Demand Planning
  37. Western River Institute – Kendrick Neubecker Director (Carbondale)
  38. Colorado Division of Wildlife – Identify appropriate SME
  39. Aurora Water – Mark Pifher Director
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